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PORTFOLIO Paul Eckelman

Inspiration comes in all forms and is never on a schedule. When you keep your mind and eyes open it takes the least amount of effort to see things clearly, but still takes some work in conveying the thoughts. More added each week.


When does a passion turn into a career? I have always been involved with art in one form or another. From drawing what I saw as a kid to Photography nowadays. I studied art and graduated with a BFA majoring in Illustration and Art History. Working mainly at a printing press in the art department pre-press area. Constantly aware of the current trends and technology changing all around me all the time. I am self taught using the computer and current in the Adobe creative software suite, working on editing and enhancing photography trying to stand out from the ordinary image. If I can add drama to a flower then I did my job and satisfied my passion. I would love to hear from you and talk about your project, keeping always an open mind and adapting to situations making the most of what I am given.

Thank you.



Based in San Diego California WCB5 Graphic Design and Illustration. Trained and educated in the Arts, Pop Culture and Art History.


Design is thinking made visual, graphic solutions to everyday interactions, every person is bombarded with images and ideas. We filter out the common and ordinary. What's left to remind us needs to be outstanding in communication getting the point across and relaying a message or an announcement.

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