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When does a passion turn into a career? I have always been involved with art in one form or another. From drawing what I saw as a kid to Photography nowadays. I studied art and graduated with a BFA majoring in Illustration and Art History. Working mainly at a printing press in the art department pre-press area. Constantly aware of the current trends and technology changing all around me all the time. I am self taught using the computer and current in the Adobe creative software suite, working on editing and enhancing photography trying to stand out from the ordinary image. If I can add drama to a flower then I did my job and satisfied my passion. I would love to hear from you and talk about your project, keeping always an open mind and adapting to situations making the most of what I am given. Here are a few examples of work in all genres. 

Thank you for visiting.

Here is a small sometimes forgotten part of a portfolio gathered from various times and mediums.


I love being creative and to try different things and ways to show A meaning through the 3 basic elements of design. 

I like to paint, photograph and create designs on the computer, then i fix things.

Favorite Shoot

Other Favorite Shoot

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