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New model tips and thoughts from a pro.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This is a an excerpt from a video via the great educator Youtube. I think it is a good overall short clip on what to expect and to work for, myself included. :)

As a model your job is to create a great picture, you're part of a team, you are not the team. So I think that models have kind of a misconception of what the job is, and how hard the job is. I think that most of the time they think that it's really, you're pretty, and you show up and they put some makeup on you, and you take pretty pictures of yourself. It's a really hard job, depending upon who the client is, and what you're shooting,

and who the photographer is. There's a lot of personalities on a set. You're walking in, you're working with different people almost everyday, and until you have established yourself, they're all going to be strangers.

There's you and what you're wearing, and what you're trying to convey in a picture, and they say, "Okay, do something." They're not going to tell you always how to do every specific thing. Photographers are going to give you direction, but at some point you have to prove yourself. No one is going to pay you to do something if you don't do it well.

You're the one between your agents and yourself of actually doing the work. You're the one who creates that demand. That's what makes Amber Valletta, Amber Valletta, Linda Evangelista, Linda Evangelista, Stella Tennant, Stella Tennant, Carolyn Murphy, all those girls, they worked for it. It wasn't easy, and they became established because they figured out what their niche was, what they were good at, and they worked with people who wanted to work with them again. So it's not just I worked for Steven Meisel one time, it's that I work with Steven Meisel all the time. That's what makes a superstar, that's what makes a great model, and that's the part that takes just a lot of really hard work.

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