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Strategies for Posters in design and print.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Poster signs are perfect tools for attracting attention to your company’s products and services, but not all poster signs are created equal. Good poster signs yield healthy returns on investment; great poster signs return outstanding return on investment. Conversely, poor poster signs risk your investment.

The following lists five proven strategies for creating poster signs that convert customers and help your business grow to prosperity.

1. Put your offer in your headline. One of the best ways to command attention for your poster signs is a big, bold headline. To make it even juicier, put your offer right in your headline. When you lead off with a huge discount special, a VIP pass offer or a freebie giveaway, your target customer base will take notice. Make sure your offer is good enough that customers will want to take advantage of it before it expires, and have a clear and well-defined time limit for doing so. Also include a tracking mechanism, such as a coupon code or phrase, to help you tweak future poster signs for predictable success.

2. Unique images and contrasting design. Another great way to ensure your poster signs can’t be missed by passers by is to employ a unique, eye catching design. One way to do this is with contrasting colors, either in your poster or against your poster’s background. Another way is to have your poster signs designed with a humorous, clever or out-of-place image that customers will want to tell their friends about. While a big, bold headline with an offer is critical, often your customer base will first respond to your poster sign images before they read your headline.

3. Response mechanisms. One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make with their poster signs is neglecting to include response mechanisms. Your headline, offer and images motivate customers to take action, but if they don’t know what action to take you’ve lost your edge. Make sure you tell customers, in no uncertain terms, whether they are to call a phone number, visit a website or go to a retail location (or all three). Doing so will increase your return on investment because you take the guesswork out of cashing in on your great offer.

4. Premium printing. Last but not least, your poster signs should be printed using premium paper stocks printed with eco-friendly and vibrant soy inks on state-of-the-art printing presses. Doing so will help your poster signs withstand weathering, fading and lead to longevity; meaning your poster signs will generate more return on investment simply because they are there longer and will reach more people, many more times. Best of all, it’s incredibly affordable to print high-quality poster signs if you have the right online printing company.

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