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Check back about once a month to see if a discount or special is being offered. I will set up an email notification in the future for a monthly newsletter with the happenings in the discount field.


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Brochures and Pamphlets

Printed on industry standard 100-Lb. Gloss book weight quality stock. With standard Aqueous coating (AQ). Brochures and pamphlets are offered in 8.5 x 11-inches, 10 x 14-inches or 11 x 17-inches. They are considered a short mostly informative style of marketing and are generally a double sided 1 page project with a variety of options for folding. Other paper stocks are available.

FREE SHIPPING and tax is included all 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii extra.

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wcb5 graphic design creation and brochure printing classic showcase
Brochures and Pamphlet

Price includes folding.

8.5 x 11-in. 

Double Side

100 lb. book

100q ........ $99.00

250q .......$119.00

500q .......$129.00

1000q ... $159.00

2500q ... $219.00

5000q ... $319.00

8.5 x 14-in. 

Double Side

100 lb. book

100q ..... $149.00

250q ..... $189.00

500q ..... $209.00

1000q ... $239.00

2500q ... $339.00

5000q ... $499.00

11 x 17-in. 

Double Side

100 lb. book

100q ..... $229.00

250q ..... $299.00

500q ..... $329.00

1000q ... $379.00

2500q ... $539.00

5000q ... $799.00

Folding options are included in the price
WCB5 Folding options for brochures

* Parallel and Accordion folds available in 8.5x14 and 11x17-In. sizes only. Be sure to use a template for page layout accuracy.

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