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WCB5,  Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notification by the Company.

Initial Start of project
• and the Client will attend an initial consultation at no charge to the Client. This can be held via phone or in person. A (Visual Brief) will be constructed through the collection of logos and designs. This will assist in the evaluation and formulation of the Client’s business design requirements.
• If no delivery date for final Artwork is decided upon and noted during the initial consultation, payment will be required at the time work begins. The length of time between consultation and delivery of final Artwork will have no effect on the requirement to remit funds on invoicing.
• does not offer a set number of revisions to logo Artwork under the original Visual Brief.
• will not charge for additional revisions of logo Artwork provided that the Client’s requests for revision conform to the original Visual Brief and are communicated within the agreed timeline (if provided).
• Any additional work, revisions or variations outside of the original Visual Brief will be charged at the rate of $30 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments. Additional expenses will be charged accordingly. goes through every reasonable step to insure your project is exactly how you approved it. We guarantee against any manufacturing defect or faults we will replace the item at no charge.

Once a digital item is purchased it can no longer be refunded due to the very nature of its form. How its is used is in the purchaser's agreement. 

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