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There is always something that can be edited, colors, backgrounds, mistakes, blemishes and more. With a team of detailed oriented people on staff we can make it how it is supposed to be. With an eye for details and current trends we make the difference between good and better in all or edits.

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wcb5 printing and photoshop editing and retouch photography





wcb5 printing and photoshop editing and retouch photography






Color correction, sharpening and lens adjustment and enhancing the overall image for client.


When restoring an old photo to enhance color, repair cracks and tears or washed out areas. Keeping in mind it is an old photo and should still look old.


Upload the images along with as much detail about what your end piece is wanting to reflect. A consultation and review of submited images will be discussed before any work is to begin as to go about the best and most economical way to achieve the results you want.


If a scan is needed no additional charge.

An edit will turn out as good as the original will allow.

Acceptable image editing formats should be of the highest resolution. Ideally at 300 DPI at full size.


We can utilize formats in .JPG, PSD, RAW, DNG, PNG, PDF, AI and most other file image formats

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