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How to Flow Pose like a boss.

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Sometimes I will see Jill via the instagram and I'm glad I do. If she wanted followers she should have them. Still cool.

My views about these videos from Jill Billingsley are that even though I am a photographer I learned things myself, so I would think from a models perspective you will benefit even more.

She says.

I've heard it all from countless agencies; you are too short, you are too commercial, you are not commercial enough, you are too high fashion for this market (which I assure you I am not!), you are too big, you are too blond.

Unlike Tyra Banks who claims having struggled before making it into this field; I actually HAVE! And now I am trying to get a positive body image out to the world, while standing my ground, staying true to what I feel is right, and sharing my experience with others.

I hope that the videos, stories, and advice can help save future aspiring models from the unnecessary hardships that accompany this industry.

Women need to help each other and be strong individuals! So if anything shared on this website helps you to achieve your goals pass it along to another aspiring model.

For more awesome videos and tips visit Jill's website at and subscribe to her instagram @jillbillingsley and youtube channel

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